Special Event

Special event

Join Edwards Slate & Stone for our special event on Saturday, 10th September between 9am and 1pm.

We will be offering significant discounts on stone suitable for D I Y use, including garden stepping stones to create your own garden path. We are also offering 20% off our entire range of Granite, Bluestone and Travertine tiles, but for one day only.

Our special guest for the day is Ian Shimmen. The Director & Owner of Bushland Flora. He has over 30 years of experience growing native plants and will be pleased to offer you his advice. He will also be offering a range of plants directly from his nursery at trade prices. At Edwards we have used many of his plants in our garden display, so you can see how his plants mature.

On the day we will be offering free coffee or chips with any stone purchase, and a food van will be on site where you can purchase light meals.

Join us for this special event and enjoy our landscaped area which features stone, a large pond and native plants from Bushland Flora. Don’t forget you will also receive significant discounts on a large range of stone.

Garden Edging Bluestone

Garden Edging Bluestone Pavers

Apprehensive of using stone to make DIY garden edging? This garden edging Bluestone in our display area was made by a 19 year old with no landscaping or gardening experience at all.

  1. First a 20cm deep trench was dug & then crusher dust was shovelled in to a depth of around 15cm.
  2. Placed the ‪‎Bluestone/Basalt‬ into the crusher dust. A string line was used to make sure each Bluestone pitcher was level.
  3. After all the Basalt/Bluestone pitchers were laid a slurry or mortar was placed against the back of the pitchers to stop them moving. (in case a car backed into them in our car park).

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Basalt Pavers Round in Garden show

Basalt Pavers Round Shape

Basalt Pavers round shape features in one of the achievable garden project in this year’s Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Bulleen Art & Garden is one of our wholesalers and supply this project.

Basalt also call Bluestone in Victoria, Australia, Edwards Slate & Stone was the first Australian company to import Bluestone for the domestic market, our experience counts.

Achievable gardens

This is a contemporary Australian garden, designed to allow you to escape from the stress of your everyday life.

It is a harmonious space where you can step into another world inhabited by the local wildlife, feeling a sense of calm and connectedness.

Garden sizes are getting smaller, but this shouldn’t impact upon the feel of your garden or the safe haven that can be created for the local wildlife, who need this as a way to combat their fast diminishing natural habitat.

Focusing on a multi-layering of Australian native plants and some exotic plants, this is a contemporary spin designed to attract local birdlife, butterflies and other wildlife.

This space is all about creating a garden that allows you to connect to nature whilst enjoying the benefits this has on your health and wellbeing.

Designed by Micaela Hibbert, Hoimesglen Institute.

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show Special Offer

MIFGS Garden Show Special Offer

Edwards Slate & Stone is celebrating Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show by offering 25% off! this garden show special offer covering all Bluestone pavers and tiles except for Pool coping tiles ex. drop face tiles, bullnose pavers and Arris edge tiles.

Offer valid until 31st March, excludes pool coping tiles, stacked stone cladding, stone sealers and fixing materials.

Edwards Slate & Stone is a sponsor of Jake Stone, visit us on stand A71. These Landscape Show Garden sites are located within the Carlton Gardens and are identified by a purple circle on the Show Map. Download the exhibitor site map and locate us!

Discover an inner city oasis! #MIFGS

Bluestone Capping Arris Edge Pool Coping Tiles

Bluestone Capping Arris Edge – Pool Coping Tiles

Bluestone makes great wall capping. This Bluestone has a a arris edge giving the wall a very clean look.
However a bullnose edge Bluestone could also be used in this circumstance.

Bluestone Arris edge tiles also used for swimming pool coping tiles, step treads and raised garden beds.

Arris Edge

In architecture, an arris is the sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces, such as the corner of a masonry unit; the edge of a timber in timber framing; the junction between two planes of plaster or any intersection of divergent architectural details. Also the raised edges which separate the flutings in a Doric column.

The origin of the term arris is from the Latin ‘arista’ meaning the beard of an ear of grain or the bone of a fish. See also arête.

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