Basalt Entrance in Caulfield Melbourne

Basalt entrance 600x300mm

I was walking in Caulfield recently and was inspired by this Basalt Honed 600x300mm project.

The use of pebbles and the interesting shadow line cast by the front fence created a beautiful entrance to this home.

Bluestone Round Pavers for Australian gardens

Basalt Round garden path

Since Edwards Slate & Stone released (Basalt) Bluestone round pavers to the Victorian market, it has become one of the most popular paving stones in Melbourne. This path in front of our showroom, demonstrates how you can create a natural flowing path using varying sized pavers.


Bluestone Spring Sale

Bluestone Letter Box

Why not consider using Bluestone as the feature stone in your garden. This letter box features 1000x500x20mm Bluestone. Visit Edwards Slate & Stone for the September spring sale.

Edwards Bluestone Tiles

Bluestone Driveway Glen Waverley

This Glen Waverley home features Edwards Bluestone.

Garden with Bluestone Paving

bluestone garden paving

This establish garden in Camberwell boasts of 800x400x20mm Bluestone. It is unusual to see this dimension laid in a block or square pattern, but it works very well for this project.

Bluestone Capper Pavers

Bluestone Capper Pavers

The client chose 600x300x30mm Bluestone pavers as cappers to give a more substantial feel to the garden edging.

Bluestone Tiles for Australian Conditions

Selected Bluestone Boulders

Did you know there are over 20 basic variations of Chinese bluestone which Edwards Slate & Stone located in Melbourne sell some of. They all vary in colour and quality. We have chosen our Bluestone based on Australian conditions and can confidently recommend for most applications. This photo shows Steven Edwards selecting Bluestone boulders in China. The orange colour on the boulders is only superficial and the inside of the boulder is a blue grey colour.

Bluestone Tiles from Edwards Slate & Stone

Bluestone boulder compare to human size

Steven Edwards selecting Bluestone blocks in China. Edwards Slate & Stone has implemented a quality control procedure from procurement of blocks to cutting and packing in the factory to delivery in the yard at 12 Lionel rd. Mt. Waverley. This ensures all the Bluestone/Basalt tiles sold through Edwards Slate & Stone is of a high standard

Basalt Fine Double Honed

Bluestone fine double honed tiles

Basalt fine double honed tiles for front door access.

Bluestone Landscaping Solution

Bluestone entrance

Bluestone is a very practical landscaping stone, not only is it easy to maintain and very hard wearing, it compliments the other landscaping elements very well.