Basalt Pavers Round in Garden show

Basalt Pavers Round Shape

Basalt Pavers round shape features in one of the achievable garden project in this year’s Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Bulleen Art & Garden is one of our wholesalers and supply this project.

Basalt also call Bluestone in Victoria, Australia, Edwards Slate & Stone was the first Australian company to import Bluestone for the domestic market, our experience counts.

Achievable gardens

This is a contemporary Australian garden, designed to allow you to escape from the stress of your everyday life.

It is a harmonious space where you can step into another world inhabited by the local wildlife, feeling a sense of calm and connectedness.

Garden sizes are getting smaller, but this shouldn’t impact upon the feel of your garden or the safe haven that can be created for the local wildlife, who need this as a way to combat their fast diminishing natural habitat.

Focusing on a multi-layering of Australian native plants and some exotic plants, this is a contemporary spin designed to attract local birdlife, butterflies and other wildlife.

This space is all about creating a garden that allows you to connect to nature whilst enjoying the benefits this has on your health and wellbeing.

Designed by Micaela Hibbert, Hoimesglen Institute.

Bluestone Capper Pavers

The client chose 600x300x30mm Bluestone pavers as cappers to give a more substantial feel to the garden edging.

Bluestone Landscaping Design

This landscaping design focuses on strong geometric lines. Bluestone pavers are the perfect choice as a paver due to its consistency and blue grey colour.

Pool Entrance

What a great entrance to this pool.

This geometric design adds a dramatic flair.

Bluestone Paving Stones

This photo demonstrates the process of placing the Bluestone pavers on a bed of concrete before bring in top soil to finish the garden.