Bluestone Tiles $35 Per Metre Square

Bluestone Tiles – $35 per metre square

Melbourne Natural Stone Supplier Winter Special

Size: 800mmx400mm

Other sizes available: 400mmx400mm, 500mmx500mm, 600mmx300mm, 800mmx400mm, 1000mx500mm

Tile Thickness: 20mm and 30mm

Tile Finish: Surface Honed

Pool Coping pavers available with drop face and bullnose edge.

Please contact Edwards Slate & Stone on 03 9544 9544.

Porcelain Tiles Bluestone 600x600x20 Cemento Anthracite

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles – Bluestone Classic – Cemento Anthracite

  • Best stone imitation porcelain, the final effect is close to nature.
  • European quality, manufactured to last.
  • Slip resistant, for safety.
  • 20mm thick, for high wear areas and exterior applications.
  • Can be laid on the “pod” system, for use on balconies and fast laying.
  • Can be laid with adhesive or mortar, for general landscaping projects.

Compare the best European quality stone imitation porcelain with natural stone at the Edwards Slate & Stone showroom.

Turkey’s largest supplier of travertine is now producing “stone inspired” porcelain. The result is a manufactured stone product, with all its inherent benefits, that is close to nature’s original intention.

The Manufacturing plant uses the latest technology to duplicate the colour variation within natural stone, and even includes a slight surface variation within the tile which results in a more natural looking product.

We stock two sizes 600x600mm and 900x600mm in three colours. The reason for the large sizes is that natural stone becomes very expensive in large dimensions, while the porcelain does not, making the porcelain a very competitive option.

The porcelain paver is 20 mm thick which allows it to be used in the same way as stone and can be laid on driveways and used in heavy wear commercial areas and all domestic applications. In addition it can be laid in the traditional method of adhesive or using the “pod” system.

Being a manufactured product, porcelain has all the usual benefits i.e. does not require sealing, is highly salt resistant around pools, UV resistant and is easy to maintain.

Langwarrin Bluestone Pool Paving Project

Langwarrin Bluestone Pool Paving Project

Another stunning pool surround and coping project by Estrada Paving, located in Langwarrin, Victoria, australia.

Bluestone tiles supplied by Edwards Slate & Stone, one of the largest stone tiles importer in Melbourne.

Four Wheel Drive Forklift Delivery

Four Wheel Drive Forklift Delivery

Thanks for the video. We’re pleased to show how easily we can deliver to almost any location!
Our own truck delivers to you and unloads with a Four Wheel Drive forklift. This allows stock to be located safely to the nearest point of access.

Got stone! Thx @edwardsslatestone. Delivery by #weidemann #4x4forklift ?

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Our Sandstone random crazy pavers in crates.

Garden Edging Stone Bluestone Pitchers

Garden Edging Stone – Outdoor Bluestone Pitchers

Apprehensive of using stone to make DIY garden edging stone? This garden edging outdoor Bluestonepitchers in our display area was made by a 19 year old with no landscaping or gardening experience at all.

    1. First a 20cm deep trench was dug & then crusher dust was shovelled in to a depth of around 15cm.
    2. Placed the ‪‎Bluestone/Basalt‬ into the crusher dust. A string line was used to make sure each Bluestone pitcher was level.
    3. After all the Basalt/Bluestone pitchers were laid a slurry or mortar was placed against the back of the pitchers to stop them moving. (in case a car backed into them in our car park).

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