Bluestone Tiles $35 Per Metre Square

Bluestone Tiles – $35 per metre square

Melbourne Natural Stone Supplier Winter Special

Size: 800mmx400mm

Other sizes available: 400mmx400mm, 500mmx500mm, 600mmx300mm, 800mmx400mm, 1000mx500mm

Tile Thickness: 20mm and 30mm

Tile Finish: Surface Honed

Pool Coping pavers available with drop face and bullnose edge.

Please contact Edwards Slate & Stone on 03 9544 9544.

Outdoor Landscaping Stone

Outdoor Landscaping Stone

Stone Pavers – Basalt in Melbourne

Bluestone is a highly practical outdoor landscaping stone, not only is it easy to maintain and very hard wearing, it compliments the other exterior landscaping elements very well.

Natural Stone Paving Basalt

Natural Stone Paving – Basalt

This exciting landscaping design features Basalt in all its forms from tiles, natural stone paving for garden path, random crazy paving for patio.

Carved Basalt fountain in the centre of water feature, small pond built by honed Basalt and capping pavers on top, serve the same purpose of pool coping tiles.

All these landscaping design elements enrich the beauty of this outdoor garden.

Bluestone Commercial Paving

Bluestone Commercial Paving Applications

Bluestone tiles are hard and durable which is why they are chosen for commercial paving applications as well as domestic heavy duty drive ways, pool surrounds and garden paths.

As shown in this picture is a commercial project in Southbank Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Bluestone Cladding for Commercial Walling Stone

Bluestone Cladding Commercial Walling – Landscaping Design

This commercial project features Bluestone cladding with a Titian Brown random crazy Slate insert.

The colours compliment the Australian native garden in the foreground.