• 6 fence panel painting tips doityourself.com
    6 fence panel painting tips this dust not only absorbs the paint but blocks the brush or roller. even a huge fence should have droppings washed or scraped off. a major benefit of cleaning the fence is that you get to take a closer look at it. this will give you the chance to fix any loose boards or panels and repair any breaks.
  • how to paint a cedar fence doityourself.com
    many people have a cedar fence around their house that could use some sprucing up. one way to do this is to apply new paint to it. a simple paint job can make a big difference in the appearance of your cedar fence. here are the basics of how to successfully paint a cedar fence. start out by getting
  • how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer brush or roller
    how to stain a fence with sprayer roller and brush read more ? semi-transparent stain for cedar fence. when you apply stain using a paint roller you will find that the work is done faster. some people do not like to use a roller because the roller does not always get the stain into all of the crooks and crevices along the fence.
  • how to stain a wood fence with a roller
    wash the fence with a power washer to remove dirt and grit and give the fence time to dry. lay down a tarp in the area where you’ll be staining the fence. shake the can of stain then open the can and stir it thoroughly. pour the stain into the paint tray and dip the larger roller into the stain. use the roller to cover the fence with stain.
  • this old house - season 20 episode 13: the watertown house
    summary: exterior painting by steve kiernan and crew is underway out back as is the erection of a white cedar combination fence and trellis along the driveway. in the kitchen fred morgan explains to us the ancient process of terrazzo flooring with a modern twist: instead of concrete epoxy is used.
  • how to stain a fence with a roller - olympic.com
    how to stain a fence with a roller. how to stain a fence wooden fence colors that will wow your neighbors. olympic? paints & stains retailer can match and/or order the exact color that you desire with the help of the olympic paint or stain color name or number.;